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Weight (Fat) loss Programme

Weight (Fat) loss Programme

This is an empowering, exciting 12-week weight loss and wellbeing programme, perfect for anyone who wants to shed a few pounds while gaining energy and vitality!

This is not another diet that will leave you hungry, grumpy and longing for a ‘cheat day’. Nor is it a calorie-controlled programme or one where you just eat rabbit food. My aim is to revamp your eating habits and show you that maintaining weight with healthy food can be delicious and filling and leave you full of energy too!

My plan uses the latest research that will change your outlook on weight loss forever and provide you with the tools you need to not only make the right choices now but always.

How the programme works:

I will mentor you through six one-to-one sessions over a period of 12 weeks. On booking your programme, you will receive a nutrition questionnaire to be completed and returned for preliminary assessment. The initial consultation lasts for one hour and all follow-up sessions are 30 minutes.

My aim is to revamp your eating habits and show that maintaining weight with healthy food can be delicious and filling and leave you full of energy too!

The first consultation involves:

  •  Exploring your current diet and lifestyle
  •  Setting personal goals
  •  Learning the principles of sustainable fat loss
  •  Building an individual food programme tailored to you
  •  Lifestyle and supplement advice
  • Fun and tasty healthy meal ideas and recipes

The 5 follow-up sessions involve: 

  • One-to-one coaching and support
  •  Evaluating where you are in relation to your goals
  • Assessing your ongoing improvement 
  • Adjusting the programme at each session to take you further
  • Continuous learning and motivation 
  • Mindful eating workshop

Your Investment:
The complete 12-week programme costs only £1180 – Saving £100, as this would usually cost £1280!

The price does not include supplements and/or functional lab testing.

*Don’t worry if you are based too far away for a face-to-face appointment, I also offer telephone consultations and consultations through my virtual consultation rooms.

If you would like any further information on our 12-week weight (fat) loss programme or to book a consultation please send us a message via our contact us page. You can also look at some testimonials from previous clients.

Part of my work in clinic is to identity and address the root cause which is responsible for the symptoms a client is experiencing. The most common underlying condition I see is unbalanced hormones. Once I noticed that balancing hormones leads to the reduction of so many other symptoms, I knew I had to create a simple plan to help people understand and support their hormones.

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  1. Angelique is charismatic, knowledgeable and really encouraging – she is so connected to what foods benefit our systems and about what will make us feel well. Her weight loss programme is excellent and it is so refreshing to learn about food from a nutrition perspective rather than endless calorie counting. I can absolutely recommend that everyone goes to see her and learns about nutrition and what we can do to improve ourselves!